Sending Coins

If you wish to send coins for its graduation you must contact us directly, through our email address, and you will receive the necessary information to perform the shipping process. The graduated coins will be sent to the client within the limits specified in Our Prices, chosen as a function of service.

To increase the durability of the received coins, it will be encapsulated in a holder cover specially designed for the correct and enduring conservation, totally free of acids and static electricity, that guarantee the coin conservation for an indefinite number of years. Each cover shall be labeled with the information concerning each note, such as, grade description. You can find more information about this in our section Our Labels. All coins that are graduated and certificated by WCG, are in a database that you can confirm contacting us through our mail address.. Thus, you can confirm  by yourself quickly and easily that the ítem  WCG is authentic.

WCG is not responsable for the appraisals whose protective capsule or label, have been modified. In the event that any of our note appraised protection is damaged for some reason , you can CONTACT WITH US  for the correct re- encapsulation of the coin.